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Centralize and make searchable reference information & content. Automate chaotic processes.

Spencer Duncan, Reference Program Manager

"The best part is that our end-users don't have to leave SDFC to get a reference."

Lisa Kaspari, Reference Manager

"ReferenceEdge is an extremely valuable tool to the Genesys Sales Organization! We can directly report on reference activity and associate it to closed revenue within Salesforce."

Virginia Bryant, Customer Reference Program Manager

The fact that we have been able to pay for the annual cost of the tool costs in terms of revenue influenced in just a couple of months shows a lot of value.

Alyse Chiariello, Director, Customer Marketing

"ReferenceEdge allowed us to build an advocacy program, and do more than just fulfilling reference requests. The integration with Salesforce is fabulous and helps us control how often a reference is used and how they are used.”

Breaches and hacks and leaks oh my!

With ReferenceEdge your data is safe and secure in your Salesforce environment and nowhere else, so no GDPR worries.

Customer Marketing

Centralize customer reference data, quantify program impact, scale through automation not headcount, and spend your time where it counts. Be a reference hero!

Customer Success

Complete customer advocate information for use by all departments. Prevent overuse and integrate customer health, net promoter scores, and other customer success indicators with customer data.

Marketing Leaders

Guarantee your sales and marketing teams fast access to accurate customer advocate accounts and their stories, and quantify marketing’s contribution to revenue growth.