Had enough of customer reference program management by spreadsheets yet?


ReferenceEdge is a complete reference management system. Each component addresses a specific program pain point such as recruiting, data maintenance, customer reference lead generation, customer rewards and metrics. It was designed to provide sellers with every form of social proof needed at every stage of the sales cycle, from content to reference accounts and contacts. Ultimately, the value of a program is measured by revenue influenced, and that is one of the KPIs included in our report package.

Why is a native Salesforce app superior?

You simply cannot compare a conventional SaaS app with a Salesforce “plug-in” to a Salesforce native application. A native application is installed in your Salesforce environment not merely integrated to it. Native apps take full advantage of the Salesforce platform, provide UI consistency, real-time data, workflows and much, much more.


Maximize User Adoption

For anyone who champions new technology for a department or a company, this is where the rubber meets the road. We get it. It comes down to 1) awareness, 2) education and 3) data quality.

  • Relevant reference resources are suggested from the opportunity
  • Help assistants on every ReferenceEdge page
  • ReferenceEdge is designed to look, feel and behave like Salesforce, familiar from day one.
  • Data update automation ensures accurate and complete search results

Did we mention fun? ReferenceEdge includes a user rewards feature to accelerate adoption.

Identify References & Build Your Database

A solid base along with a steady flow of new customer references is the lifeblood of any program. ReferenceEdge has 3 time-saving automation features to support your recruiting needs:

  • Nominations – Any ReferenceEdge user can nominate a customer as a reference
  • Reference Lead Finder – Automated follow up on recently closed/won opportunities to assess referenceability
  • Reference Prospector – Build a prospect list, and launch an internal campaign to gauge account referenceability

Centralize Reference Knowledge

Keep track of who is considered a reference, current status and for which reference activities they are available.

The basis of any customer reference program or practice is knowing your reference customers. ReferenceEdge lets you tag accounts and contacts as program members, activate or deactivate their status with a click, and tag records with the metadata that users depend on to find relevant and up-to-date references.

Search References by Filters and Keywords

Searching spreadsheets is so limited. Give users a powerful, easy‐to‐use tool for finding the best references for their sales opportunity or marketing needs. We’ve expanded and fine‐tuned search to meet the unique needs of reference searches for accounts, contacts, and content, while leveraging Salesforce’s powerful search platform. Filter by industry, product, region, etc., and/or enter keywords.

Automate Reference Call Coordination

Connecting a reference customer and prospect demands that a salesperson act like a border collie: bouncing between the two parties, identifying availability, staying on top of the process. It is both time consuming, and time-sensitive—hitting quota may depend on it! ReferenceEdge includes the Calendar Coordinator™ bot that takes the task and runs with it while the salesperson can keep selling.

Automate Reference Requests

Accelerate, track and manage what is often a big drain on Sales productivity:  managing customer reference requests. ReferenceEdge alone offers scalable peer-to-peer request management via Chatter, Slack or email. Close the loop on each request through automated use feedback functionality.

Close the Loop

Wouldn’t you love to have the time to follow up with the requester of a reference to see how the call, site visit, etc., went? But that requires those rare commodities: bandwidth/time, and the right timing. No worries, ReferenceEdge seeks feedback following a reference use whether a) it didn’t/won’t happen, b) it’ll happen, but on a later date, c) it went well, or d) it didn’t go well. Imagine all the ways you can make use of this feedback.

Reward Customers & ReferenceEdge Users

Reward points can be earned for completing activities. For customers those might include reference calls, webinars, and case studies.

For ReferenceEdge users points can be earned for nominating reference candidates, assisting with arranging a reference activity or periodically updating reference profile information for an account they own. Salesforce leaderboards keep all ReferenceEdge users aware of their accrued points relative to their peers, stoking a little healthy competition. Motivate and make reference-related activities fun and gratifying.

Accrued points may be redeemed however you decide: cash, prizes, event attendance or services.

Capture Win/Loss Insights

Data Collector is a feature that can be used to gather valuable data related to opportunities both won and lost. But that’s not all. It can be used to capture post project or engagement insights. Configurable survey forms can be sent to users at the perfect time, as defined by you. Data is collected in a database for analysis and it can also become searchable content within the reference search page.

Keep Customer Reference Data Current

Customer reference profile information such as a customer’s activity preferences, use limits, and subject matter expertise has a shelf life. Whose responsibility is it to remember to update the profile as relationship changes occur? Often no one owns it, formally. It gets done sporadically and re-actively. Not good enough given that reference search depends on reliable data. The Profile Update Minder automation feature identifies profiles that haven’t been updated in a reasonable period of time and automates the review and update process, engaging those closest to the account relationship.

Manage & Share Customer Content

Sometimes referred to as sales enablement, customer videos, case studies, press releases, and quotes are easily tagged, activated/deactivated, searched and shared with prospects. Extensive meta tagging in ReferenceEdge makes sure content is consistently found and used, which is the only way to realize a return on your content investment. Content is shared via microsites that capture click activity and visitor ratings, providing valuable insights to sellers, and to content development managers.

Gain Security Peace of Mind

Salesforce native applications such as ReferenceEdge are hosted by Salesforce.com, boasting a world-class security infrastructure. Breath easy on the topic of GDPR, CCPA and other data protection regulations.

  • ReferenceEdge, 100% native, is accessed via Salesforce
  • No data or content is hosted outside of Salesforce
  • No personally identifiable information involved

Analyze Real-Time Program Metrics

Gain instant access to real‐time data on customer reference program membership, activities and impact on revenue. ReferenceEdge includes 50+ pre-built reports and 20+ dashboard charts covering the most common program activities and metrics. And because we leverage standard Salesforce reports and charts you can easily modify, clone or create brand new reports to fit your needs using a familiar interface, Salesforce.

Monitor Program Health

Program Health Monitor’s purpose is to help you align program goals with company growth goals, and continuously improve program performance. Set discrete program goals, track progress and compare to prior periods. Included are 26 quick start templates covering the most common program motions such as nominations, reference recruiting, requests, and reference searches. Set update notifications at whatever frequency you like so you always have a pulse on the program and adapt to changing conditions.

Prevent Reference Fatigue

Keep track of how customers are being used, how often and for what so you don’t wear out your welcome. Set limits on the number of times in a given time period a contact can be used for reference activities and ReferenceEdge will indicate when a limit has been reached.

Mobilize Your Program

Give your road warriors access to essential reference information in a familiar interface. Because ReferenceEdge is a native Salesforce app it’s accessible from within Salesforce’s mobile, a robust app that is continually evolving. Ensuring access to reference functionality at the right time yields higher usage and adoption.

Manage Data Imports & Exports

ReferenceEdge DM (data manager) is part of ReferenceEdge and designed for importing and exporting larger sets of data to and from ReferenceEdge objects. Imagine you just returned from your user conference and recruited 150 new customer references. DM makes quick work of using that data to create new nomination records, or searchable reference profiles. Best of all: RefEdge DM is a tool for ReferenceEdge administrators. No Salesforce administrator required.

Integrate with Related Technologies

ReferenceEdge lives on the Salesforce platform: part of the Salesforce ecosystem by design. Connectivity to key sales, customer success, and complementary customer marketing solutions is essential to the strategic value of the customer reference program. Native Salesforce applications are easily integrated, and SaaS applications outside Salesforce leverage the robust the Salesforce API. ReferenceEdge offers integrations to SlackInfluitiveGainsight, TechValidate by SurveyMonkey, and SlapFive.