The ONLY 100% Native Customer Reference Management App for Salesforce®


If you want an efficient, effective, intelligent way to manage your customer advocate program you need ReferenceEdge, the only 100% Salesforce native application—Classic or Lightning UI—on the market. There’s no need for syncing, no API integration, and all your data and reference management functionality are accessed seamlessly through Salesforce. Simple and superior.

Why is a native Salesforce app superior?

You simply cannot compare a non-native application to a native application. A native application is installed in your Salesforce environment not merely integrated to it. Native apps take full advantage of the Salesforce platform, provide UI consistency, real-time data, workflows and much, much more.


User Adoption

For anyone who champions new technology for a department or a company, this is where the rubber meets the road. We get it. It comes down to 1) awareness, 2) education and 3) usability. ReferenceEdge features ensure salespeople never miss a chance to leverage relevant customer content or customer references at the appropriate point in their opportunity. When they search, submit a request or share content there are inline help assistants to keep them on track and moving forward. Finally, ReferenceEdge looks, feels and behaves like Salesforce Classic and Lightning user interfaces. It’s familiar from day one.

Security & Peace of Mind

We read about breaches and hacks every day. Salesforce native applications such as ReferenceEdge are hosted by, boasting a world-class security infrastructure. Access is via Salesforce. No data is hosted outside of Salesforce. You have complete control over your information.

Heard of GDPR the EU’s new data protection regulations? Your IT and risk compliance teams have. Tell them Point of Reference is neither a processor or controller and they’ll hug you for bringing them a solution that’s easy to approve.

Know Who’s a Reference and For What

Keep track of who is considered a reference, current status and for which reference activities they are available.

The basis of any customer reference program or practice is knowing your reference customers. ReferenceEdge lets you tag Accounts or Contacts as program members, activate or deactivate their status with a click, and tag records with the metadata that users depend on to ensure relevant and up-to-date reference search results.

Search References by Filters and Keywords

Give users a powerful, easy‐to‐use tool for finding the best references for their sales opportunity or marketing needs. We’ve expanded and fine‐tuned search to meet the unique needs of reference searches for accounts, contacts, and content, while leveraging Salesforce’s powerful search platform, which includes full text indexing. Filter by industry, product, region, etc., and/or enter keywords in the search box.

Automate Reference Requests

Accelerate, track and manage what is often the biggest drain on productivity in a sales organization:  managing customer reference requests. ReferenceEdge automates peer-to-peer requests using Salesforce Chatter and/or email. Monitor how a reference event worked out for the requester, and her opportunity, through an automated post-event survey.

Reward ReferenceEdge Users

User Rewards provide an easy way to recognize Sales, Marketing and Customer Success users for completing tasks such as nominations, assisting colleagues with requests and updating reference information. Users who own reference account relationships can earn points when their customer participates in a reference call, speaks at an event, talks to an analyst or any other activity. Leader boards keep all players aware of their accrued points, which can be used however you like to motivate and make reference-related activities fun and gratifying.

Recruiting Customer Advocates

Build & Grow Your Advocate Database

A solid base and then a steady flow of new customer references is the lifeblood of any program. ReferenceEdge has 3 valuable features to support your recruiting needs: Nominations, Reference Lead Finder and Reference Prospector. Incentivize users to nominate their happy customers from any Account or Contact in Salesforce. Reference Lead Finder will follow up when appropriate to determine if a closed/won opportunity account is referenceable. Reference Prospector let’s you build a list of targeted accounts, based on your needs or gaps, and launch an internal email campaign to account owners to gauge account referenceability.

Recruiting Customer Advocates

Automate Customer Reference Updates

Customer reference profile information such as a customer’s activity preferences, use limits, and subject matter expertise has a shelf life. Whose responsibility is it to remember to update the profile as relationship changes occur? Often no ones, formally. It gets done sporadically and reactively. Not good enough given that search depends on reliable data. The Profile Update Minder feature identifies profiles that haven’t been updated in a reasonable period of time and automates the review and update process, engaging those closest to the account.

Analyze Real-Time Program Metrics

Gain instant access to real‐time data on customer reference program membership, activities and impact on revenue. We’ve pre-built 60+ reports and 20+ dashboard charts that cover the most common program activities and results. And because we leverage common Salesforce reports and charts you can easily modify, clone or create brand new reports to fit your needs using a familiar interface.

Mobilize Your Program

Give your road warriors access to essential reference information in a familiar interface. Because ReferenceEdge is a native Salesforce app it’s accessible from within Salesforce mobile solutions, a robust development platform that is continuously evolving. Ensuring reference functionality is in the right place, at the right time yields higher usage and adoption.

Prevent Advocate Overuse

Keep track of how customers are being used, how often and for what so you don’t wear out your welcome. Set limits on the number of times in a given time period an account or contact can be used for reference activities and ReferenceEdge will inform users when a limit has been reached. Global reference use limits, as well as account or contact-specific limits, are supported.

Manage & Share Customer Content

Customer videos, case studies, press releases, and quotes are easily tagged, activated/deactivated and shared. Extensive meta tagging in ReferenceEdge makes sure content is consistently found and used, which is the only way to realize a return on your content investment. You define the tags that your users need and our reference search does the rest.

Advocate Technology Integrations

ReferenceEdge lives on the Salesforce platform: part of the Salesforce ecosystem by design. Connectivity to key sales, customer success, and complementary customer advocate solutions is essential to the strategic value of the customer advocate program. Native Salesforce applications are easily integrated, and SaaS applications outside Salesforce leverage the robust the Salesforce API. ReferenceEdge includes pre-built integrations to InfluitiveGainsight, and TechValidate by SurveyMonkey.

Enable Shared Contacts

Are Contacts ever associated with multiple Accounts in your Salesforce environment? This is a common scenario for life sciences organizations where, for instance, one doctor (key opinion leader) is associated with multiple hospitals. Her reference profile may be different relative to her role and solution knowledge specific to each hospital. Managing this information is complex without the right application. ReferenceEdge is designed to work with standard Shared Contact functionality in Salesforce as well as custom developed functionality.