Comprehensive customer reference management solutions for every part of your advocate program.

Customer Reference Program Solutions

Point of Reference delivers all the customer reference management solutions you need to make running a customer advocate program easier and better. Our solutions address the most common customer reference management challenges. We position you to be proactive, strategic and demonstrate alignment with your company’s core objectives with clear measurements of program usage, reference match efficiency, and revenue influenced. Our solutions include:

Purpose Built Technology

Our native Salesforce application, ReferenceEdge, centralizes information and automates the most time consuming tasks.

Program Consulting

Jumpstart a new customer reference program, revive or evolve an existing program.

Supplemental staffing

Project based, part- and full-time resources that know the customer reference world.

At the end of the day, the measure of our success is the measure of your success: time saved and deals closed. We’re in a highly competitive global economy. The winners will be those who find ways to get more done in less time; pure and simple. We invite you to explore how Point of Reference can ignite and fuel your customer reference success!