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Customer Advocacy Program Resources


Explainer Videos

When socializing the ReferenceEdge solution, it’s helpful to have a short video summarizing key points for leadership and stakeholders.

The same is true when you’re conveying the challenge salespeople face with every customer reference “fishing expedition.”

We’ve got you covered with these two under 2 minute videos. So socialize away!

7 Priorities for Building a Customer Advocate Program: eBook

A customer advocacy program initiative has a lot of moving parts. Some of those parts are just distractions from what’s important. To help you cut through the clutter we’ve identified what should be your top priorities in this eBook.

Capturing & Keeping CxO Engagement: eBook

This eBook describes exactly how to establish a customer advocacy program that executives not only care about, but pay attention to. The secret is program alignment with what executives are measured on, not simply hitting program membership growth and case study production quotas—for the sake of it.

Advocacy Program Manager Roles

There is no college or university that offers courses in customer advocacy program management. There is learning on the job, and networking with program veterans at a handful of conferences held annually, which are a great start. We recognize that providing education to our clients—the people charged with building and running programs—begins with explaining the components of the job. The result is this visual with descriptions of each component. Our hope is that it’s a helpful resource for managers of programs and their managers in staffing and evaluating program success.

Getting your Customer Advocacy Program Unstuck! eBook

Many customer advocacy programs begin and evolve organically—that is, without a real strategy or alignment to top company goals. The result is a low-level function, not a program. A strategic program contributes directly to top company growth goals, and those contributions are measurable. In this eBook we’ll compare and contrast low-impact/stuck functions with high-impact/unstuck programs, and describe in pragmatic terms how to get unstuck.

Business Case Checklist

for Building a Business Case for a Customer Advocacy Program
You know you need a customer advocacy program, but you’re not sure where to begin preparing a case. Start right here! This checklist will help you organize and create a compelling argument for a formal program.

Hard Numbers for Your Business Case

If you’re looking for credible stats to bolster your case for a customer advocacy program, we’ve got them for you! This infographic summarizes the report data included in a recent blog post.

Our Customers’ Success Stories

We’re passionate about our customers’ success! Read how we’ve supported vibrant and dynamic customer advocacy programs in a variety of environments and use cases

Point of Reference Blog

You’ll find that we share tons of valuable information with both our clients and the general customer advocacy community. Check out our blog whenever you have a burning question and you’ll most likely find it covered here.

Our Customer Advocacy Program Maturity Model Assessment Tool

This tool is the basis for our program consulting and best practices that we include in every client relationship. It’s a great way to take stock of your current customer advocacy program practices and identify and prioritize areas for improvement.

Marketing Plan & Timeline for Creating a Customer Advocate Program

Have a mandate to build a customer advocacy program and aren’t sure where to start? Here is both a marketing plan and project timeline that will give you plenty of structure, and a head start.



Best Practices for Maximizing User Adoption of a Customer Advocacy Program

User Adoption is essential for Customer Advocacy Program success. Change management is an inherent part of any new program. Learn what you need to do after launch to educate, promote and stay visible.

7 Keys to User Adoption of Customer Advocate Technology

Salespeople have plenty of tools they’re asked to use. Fortunately customer references are top of mind when closing a deal. That doesn’t mean users remember the tool, how to access it or how to use it. This paper provides best practices for ensure user adoption of a system.


ReferenceEdge Solution Overview

Yes, “reference” is in the name, but our platform is designed to support the enterprise-wide customer advocate needs including go-to-market, demand gen, digital, social, events, PR and more. This is a one-page summary of ReferenceEdge for socializing internally with your leadership, the Salesforce team and peers, or to include in a proposal for budget.

The Native App Difference (infographic)

Yes, it really is powerful and a competitive advantage for your company! This one-page infographic provides the reasons for selecting a native app—ReferenceEdge—over one bolted on to Salesforce. ReferenceEdge is the O.G. in the field, the innovator, not the emulator. Find out why that matters.


Reference Program Evolution Workshop Overview

Our one-day onsite workshop is the fastest way to see results whether you’re starting a customer reference program from scratch or revitalizing an existing program.