In the current evolution of customer marketing & advocacy (CMA), aligning your program with organizational growth goals is paramount. Successful programs not only establish clear communication channels with leadership, presenting concise and relevant data, but also regularly verify and adapt to ensure continued alignment with company growth objectives. This approach not only bolsters a program’s tangible contribution to company growth, but also elevates it from being a mere “activity factory” to an indispensable and strategic asset. Dive into this detailed, four-part exploration of the steps and strategies designed to achieve success for you, your program and your company.

Part 1

  • The Importance of Goal Alignment
  • The Outcome of Proper Alignment
  • CxO Priorities and Customer Marketing & Advocacy
  • Connecting to Company Growth Goals
  • A Model for Program Relevance

3:54 minutes


Part 2

  • Understanding Company Goals
  • Analyzing Goals
  • Generating Specific, Aligned CMA Goals
  • Supporting Stakeholders
  • Gap Analysis

5:50 minutes / Includes 3 exercises

Part III

  • Seeking Leadership Support
  • Making Well-Justified Requests
  • Building Leadership Engagement
  • Balancing Requests and Priorities
  • Prioritizing Company Growth

3:10 minutes / Includes 2 exercises

Part IV

  • Reporting Results to Leadership
  • Presenting Only Relevant Data
  • Ensuring Continued Goal Alignment
  • Program Direction Choices
  • Aiming for Indispensability

2:41 minutes

Wrapping up, your mission is to connect your program goals to the overarching company goals. By keeping your work aligned and consistently communicating with leadership, you cement your role as more than just another marketing program manager—you become an integral part of the company’s growth trajectory. Regular check-ins and updates ensure that you and the leadership stay in sync, driving progress and fostering mutual success. Ready to make a lasting impact? Put these concepts to work!