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Marketing Executive
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Reference Manager
Marketing Executive
Sales Executive

I'm a Customer Reference Manager

  • I have to track how and how often we're using customer references and prevent burnout
  • I need to improve the visibility and project management of all customer reference activities
  • I must be able to report program impact on revenue and track other key metrics

Point of Reference provides pragmatic and measurable customer reference management technology solutions and content development services that help reference managers organize content and processes and leverage customer insights using a decidedly unconventional approach.

CIO-CMO Collaboration & Customer Reference Management

Move over Brad and Angelina. Get out of the way Kimye. Take a seat Will and Kate. The hottest new couple (at least in business) is the CIO-CMO.


Is a Compensated Customer Reference a Reference?

Customer reference incentives has been a topic that has ebbed and flowed since we began (2003) and probably before that. Initially nearly all of the companies we worked with felt that sending a logo-ed shirt, jacket, portfolio, golf balls, etc., was the way to say thank you. Many programs shared formal incentive plans with customers. […]



A Native App for Salesforce®

The only enterprise caliber, native Salesforce® customer reference management app. ReferenceEdge is installed on your instance of Salesforce and manages customer reference intelligence and processes. It's tuned to make searches and requests fast and efficient on the desktop and on mobile devices (Salesforce1 ready).

Content Development

The Right Content for Every Stage of the Sales Cycle

Point of Reference offers a variety of video, audio and written content products to fit any need, including our exclusive offerings, TruPoints™ and Customer Reference Forums.

Supplemental Staffing

Top-Notch Staffing Solutions

Need an extra 8 hours, 24 hours, 40 hours per week? Point of Reference puts extended members of our team at your disposal.