“Point of Reference is always available, responsive and quick to troubleshoot any issues we run into. It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated organization to make our reference program a success!” — Lisa Kaspari, Genesys

Point of Reference Leadership

Leadership Principles

We’re believers in the theory that the work environment for our team members and their satisfaction come first. Our team has been built almost exclusively through team member referrals. Our top hiring criteria is service. It has to be in the candidate’s DNA because it isn’t easily taught. We get a genuine rush when a client is delighted with our service and technology and we revel as a team in kudos. That’s who we are, and always want to be.

Our founders, inaugural sponsors of the Summit on Customer Engagement events, are industry pioneers, recognized thought leaders and committed community members in the field of customer reference management.

David Sroka – President & CEO

David has been on all sides of the customer reference equation during his 20+ years in technology solutions such as marketing analytics, marketing fulfillment and automated customer care. Roles have included productivity training, sales & sales management, pre-sales consulting, and professional services management. Point of Reference was born of a classic “there’s got to be a better way” analysis of past experiences and a lifetime passion for continuous improvement.

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Darren Smith – Vice President & CTO

With more than 20 years’ experience spanning sales, marketing, product management, operations, and business development, Darren has held positions with companies ranging in size from Fortune 500’s such as Boeing and Digital Equipment Corporation, to VC-funded startups. His career has charted a course through the high tech market and includes experience in customer care and marketing outsourced services, ERP and CRM enterprise software, custom application development, content management, and enterprise infrastructure solutions.

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Virginia Bryant, Customer Reference Program Manager

"The Point of Reference team has been invaluable in making sure we were able to drive success with the tool. They didn't just sell us and leave us to the wolves."

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“They are truly passionate about providing a first-class solution to change the way advocacy programs are managed, and keeping in mind how we all work in the real-world”