We know, you’ve got plenty of questions. Here are the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding our technology. If you’d like to schedule time to talk live or see a demo just use this button.

A typical implementation is completed in 5-6 weeks. Steps include:

  • Setup and configuration on a Salesforce sandbox (test environment(s))
  • Reference data and content import (if applicable)
    – This step has the greatest potential to extend the implementation timeline
    – More data types require more import files and preparation time
  • Permissions verification and user acceptance testing

Repeat previous steps on production (or additional sandboxes)

  • Train
  • Go-Live

It is the same model as Salesforce: $/user/month. Also user types are priced the same.

The price per user is determined by:

  1. Number of users / applicable volume price tier (e.g., 100-249, 250-499, etc.).
  2. Payment plan chosen. Annual (vs. quarterly) payments qualify for a discount.
  3. The term of the statement of work.

Yes, and that’s because ReferenceEdge leverages a wide array of Salesforce platform components to provide a truly integrated experience.

Sales users need a full CRM license. Other users, who typically do not need access to opportunities (e.g., marketing, customer success) need, at a minimum, a Salesforce platform license, which is generally 1/3 the cost of a full CRM license.

This is determined by the model you choose for reference request management. Using the full request automation capabilities of ReferenceEdge requires that 1) all reference requesters, and 2) all owners of reference account relationships have ReferenceEdge licenses.

Typically this includes Sales, Marketing and Customer Success/Account Managers.

Note that not all members of the departments listed above are requesters and/or relationship owners and may therefore not need ReferenceEdge licenses.

Every use of a customer reference contact and customer reference content is associated to an opportunity automatically. The result is an ability to measure Revenue Influenced*, by far the most common quantifiable metric in our domain.

We’ve included a package of over 60 pre-built reports and over 20 dashboard charts with ReferenceEdge. The package is a result of real world client needs, and should satisfy the vast majority of your program reporting needs.

As a native app, we leverage standard Salesforce report and dashboard chart functionality. That means you can modify or clone any item, and of course, create brand new reports or charts as needed. Nothing proprietary to learn.

*Revenue Influenced is the amount of closed/won opportunity revenue where a customer reference or customer content was used during the sales cycle.

The program manager or a member of the program team should be the designated ReferenceEdge administrator.

This individual should expect to be dedicated nearly full-time to ReferenceEdge during implementation.

Following launch the s/he will continue to monitor the ReferenceEdge dashboard and tweak and tune the configuration, enable new features that are released and manage some portion of reference request fulfillment, nominations (if applicable), and customer content (videos, case studies, etc.). Depending on the ambitions of your program, a F/T resource generally runs the advocate program and manages ReferenceEdge.

The more automation features enabled in ReferenceEdge the less time spent on day-to-day tactical activities. Use this time to be more strategic, or to attend to other assigned responsibilities.

  • Lack of prominent leadership support required to effect optimal change management
  • Under qualified or overburdened program leaders
  • Lack of emphasis on alignment between program goals and company goals
  • Insufficient availability of program or technical resources to make timely decisions or complete tasks
  • A misunderstanding that advocate management is a project (i.e., autopilot after technology launch) versus a continuous process

We take great care to identify as many of these obstacles as possible and explain the consequences of each. The importance of leadership support cannot be under estimated.

We recognize that adoption occurs faster when there is fun, competition and rewards.

ReferenceEdge gamifies the user experience by rewarding desirable behaviors such as nominating reference customers, helping a peer secure the use of a reference account, updating reference account information and more.

Each activity is worth a set number of reward points. Users are alerted to earned points as soon as they complete a task, and receive periodic rewards statements via email or Chatter.

Leader board dashboard charts may also be shared with users to facilitate healthy competition. Our clients equate points earned to sweepstakes entries, prizes and sometimes even MBOs.

In a word:  highly. ReferenceEdge was designed with 10 years of customer advocate technology experience. ReferenceEdge was a ground up design launched in 2013.

With that knowledge we knew where clients differed from one another and therefore where flexibility was paramount. The architecture is expressly built to support change.

Pre-built integrations to Influitive, Gainsight and TechValidate are available.

Marketing automation solutions such as Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua generate valuable data related to the use of customer references in events (e.g., webinars), and email campaigns (e.g., customer videos). No system integration to these applications is required, however, the data is a valuable part of advocate program metrics and is easily included in Revenue Influenced reports and dashboard charts.

  • Each client is assigned to one of our account directors, which are multi-talented and boast an average tenure of 5 years
  • Account directors are with our clients from implementation onward
  • They act as 1st tier support because they’ll know your environment best
  • Account directors understand the customer advocate domain and act as your conduit to program best practices as well as ReferenceEdge best practices.
  • We provide training via web conference for both administrators and end-users (e.g., sales)
  • Over the years we have found that just-in-time training for administrators is most effective
  • The 4 hours of training we anticipate providing to administrators occurs over the first 30 days following launch
  • End-users receive 30-45 minute training sessions, which we can deliver or which we can train your trainers to deliver.

Yes, users can search for reference accounts and customer content such as case studies, videos, press releases and more. We have based on functionality on Salesforce CRM Content, and enhanced it to meet the needs of our domain.

  • Content may be uploaded to Salesforce or referenced via URL (e.g., YouTube)
  • Users share content with prospects through our Microsite feature
  • All click activity that occurs on the Microsite is captured by ReferenceEdge and sales users, for instance, receive daily summaries of click activity so they know who is looking at what before their next call
  • Easily report on what content is being shared, what is being opened/downloaded, and how it’s rated
  • Microsite activity is automatically associated to an opportunity and included in Revenue Influenced reporting

We could go on as there’s much more functionality, but these are the basics.

If your organization has an investment in (and adoption of) applications such as Seismic, HighSpot, Uberflip or one of the many content-centric sales enablement applications then you may simply choose to not use ReferenceEdge’s content management/sharing capabilities.

The most important thing is that content use data, associated to opportunities, is part of Revenue Influenced reporting.

We believe we have some very compelling reasons to consider ReferenceEdge for content management and sharing, but we also recognize that users need a single source to ensure adoption. If that single source is firmly established then don’t mess with it.

ReferenceEdge is installed on your company’s Salesforce instance. That means that the application and all data and content are hosted on the Salesforce infrastructure. Point of Reference hosts nothing.

So, how secure and scalable is Salesforce? That’s how secure and scalable ReferenceEdge is. Rest assured that your security/IT team will have a lot less to be concerned about than with a conventional SaaS application, because they have already vetted and approved Salesforce.

Point of Reference account directors are often called upon to perform the first 3 items listed below. We are happy to assist your Salesforce admin team however desired.

Installation & Configuration – Salesforce administrators will work in tandem with our account director to install and configure ReferenceEdge. This will require 2-3 hours depending on the needs of the program.

Profile/Permission Set Modification/Creation – User access will be provided through permissions. The Salesforce administrator will make changes to profiles/permission sets depending on the preferred approach. The time required depends on how profiles and permissions sets are used in your instance.

Run Data Imports – This only applies if there is the need to bulk import customer reference data or customer content from other sources.

License Management – While this can be automated, if done manually, license are issued, revoked and reassigned by a Salesforce administrator.

ReferenceEdge Updates – Updates to ReferenceEdge are released on a quarterly basis. Depending on the nature of the update between 15 and 60 minutes of time are required from a Salesforce administrator to install those updates following detailed release notes from Point of Reference.

As a native application ReferenceEdge simply works in Salesforce1 Mobile. Users are given mobile permissions as part of setup and ReferenceEdge becomes part of their mobile experience.

There are both customer and user rewards in ReferenceEdge. See the FAQ topic How does ReferenceEdge facilitate user adoption? for a description of user rewards.

The customer rewards feature allows you to associate predefined points for completed activities such as reference calls, case studies, event speaking, etc. Rewards are accrued at the contact and account for future redemption, if desirable.

Yes, as a native application developer we were given early access to Lightning technical information that allowed us to plan and develop the necessary Lightning pages. As an aside, the Lightning interface gives us new opportunities to take the user experience to the next level and we’re excited to see companies make the change in the coming months/years.

Yes. ReferenceEdge is currently available in 9 languages other than English:

  • Chinese (traditional, simplified)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish.