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Customer Reference Program Consulting

Building and running a customer reference program isn’t rocket science. However, there are a lot of moving parts, intricate processes, stakeholder commitments and protocols involved. Given an infinite amount of time a savvy program manager could figure it out and start quantifiably influencing sales and marketing activities in 6, 8, maybe 12 months. But time is usually of the essence! Leadership expects to see quick, measurable results. Your sales team needed the benefits of high octane program yesterday. Point of Reference is here to help you shortcut the learning curve and time to market.

Our Customer Reference Program Maturity Model

We’ve seen a lot since 2003 and compiled a load of best practices within the framework of our Customer Reference Program Maturity Model  assessment tool. The maturity model helps you identify the state of your current reference practices and create actionable goals across 11 different program areas get to the next performance level. By deconstructing the program into discrete elements and evaluating each by importance, long and short term, the next 30, 90, 180 days ahead come into focus. Take the self-assessment now!

Our Program Evolution Workshop

The Program Evolution Workshop is a one-day onsite event that offers the most expeditious way to get from 0 to 60. Whether you have an established program that needs fresh, outside perspective or are on the cusp of launching a first-ever program, the Evolution Workshop delivers tangible value. Through an understanding of your current reference landscape, interviews with key stakeholders then funneling those findings into the framework of the Customer Reference Program Maturity Model we are able to produce a comprehensive executive summary document with recommendations. This becomes your blue print for customer reference nirvana!

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