ReferenceEdge User Adoption

Change is hard, even when that change ultimately makes our lives easier and better. Applying technology to manual, time consuming processes always includes some amount of user “re-programming.”

Executive support, active promotion/evangelizing, putting a face on the program and rewards all contribute to user adoption and will be addressed in future editions. This article focuses on 3 fundamentals of user adoption.

  1. Awareness
  2. Education
  3. Data Quality & Coverage


In order to benefit from customer reference management technology users need to know where to find it in Salesforce. ReferenceEdge provides a number of options on the Opportunity page. Make use of all of these “paths” to the reference search page to maximize awareness.

The Suggested Resources section

Users can always find relevant content or accounts through these links, but this section needs to be close to the top of the page to be seen.

The Find button(s)

Always visible at the top of the page, the Find References, Reference Accounts or Reference Content buttons provide quick access to search.

The Stage-Specific Reference Prompt

Once enabled no user can miss relevant reference resources. This feature is a must.


Once a user gets to the search page, the request page, the Microsite invitation page, etc., then she needs to know how those pages function.

We produce QuickReference Guides providing step-by-step instructions for the most common tasks. We have helped produce training videos for some clients. But the best education is timely; available in-the-moment. If a user has to locate the guides or a training video and wade through information to get to exactly what she wants to do, that’s frustrating and may lead to giving up. It’s human nature, don’t fight it. Our solution is help assistants on each end-user page.

The copy in the help assistant boxes is now customizable.
These assistants can appear the first few times the user lands on the page, then re-appear if the user hasn’t visited the page in a while. The assistant is always available through the ? icon.

Data Quality & Coverage

If a user knows where to find the reference resource, and knows how to use it, there’s only one thing preventing her from leveraging your advocates: data issues.

  • Can’t filter on the things needed to find a good match
  • Aren’t enough (or any) results in a particular segment
  • Results aren’t trustworthy

How do you know if any of these things are blockers for users? Use Profile Update Minder to ensure reference data is continually reviewed and updated, seek feedback from members of your program advisory board, and analyse your data gaps relative to company goals and stakeholder needs.

Want to do a deeper dive on any of these topics? Your account director is just a call or email away. Your success is our success so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.