ReferenceEdge: the ONLY 100% Native Reference Management App for Salesforce

ReferenceEdge Solves Customer Reference Challenges

Our solution lives where your salespeople live, giving your sales team an edge.  The easy-to-use app enables better management of customer reference assets and improves efficiency of customer marketing programs. ReferenceEdge makes it easy to:

  • Centralize all your reference assets.
  • Search for relevant accounts and customer content by product, geo, and industry
  • Track, manage, and set limits on reference contacts while preventing reference fatigue
  • Automate reference account and content suggestions, the request process, and more
  • Quantify program performance in terms of revenue influenced

All your data and reference management functionality are hosted on Salesforce servers and world-class security infrastructure, providing GDPR peace of mind. Plus, there’s just one, familiar interface to use, which accelerates user adoption.