The Most Comprehensive 100% Salesforce-Native Customer Reference Management App


Why go Salesforce-Native?

  • Most customer reference management solutions are conventional SaaS applications. They live in their own cloud and have some level of integration with Salesforce.
  • The market told us this simply isn’t sufficient. Users of a purpose-built customer reference app work primarily in Salesforce. It makes more sense to “live” in their world, and look and feel like the rest of Salesforce.
  • It’s also no small matter to those charged with enterprise security that vendor risk is minimized. Being 100% native means our application and all related data reside solely in your Salesforce CRM environment. That’s GDPR peace of mind.

We Solve Top Customer Reference Challenges

Our modus operandi is to free customer marketers of low-value, repetitive program tasks so that they can ensure they are strategically aligned with top company growth goals. Following is a summary of system capabilities.

  • Centralizes all reference assets: accounts, contacts and content.
  • Provides a powerful search capability so the most relevant assets can be found to meet the need
  • Tracks, manages, and sets limits on reference contacts to prevent reference fatigue
  • Automates the request process, data maintenance, advocate recruiting and more
  • Quantifies program performance in terms of operational statistics and revenue influenced

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions and provided detailed answers to speed up  your research.