Tap into the Synergy

The ReferenceEdge / Influitive’s AdvocateHub Integration

For clients that have an Influitive AdvocateHub but don’t have the integration to ReferenceEdge in place, here’s an overview of what that integration gets you, and it’s quite a bit.

How do the two solutions fit together?
  • AdvocateHub, used effectively, engages advocates for a variety of purposes
  • Purposes could include getting quick feedback on a product direction, on the value of a content idea, driving attendance of an event, driving customer reviews (e.g., TrustRadius), gather customer-generated content (think short videos answering a single question), etc., etc.
  • Once engaged one of the many ways in which they can “contribute” is by being a sales or marketing reference
  • With a “Would you be a reference?” challenge, the Hub acts as a powerful recruiting tool
Is there overlap?

Yes, and no. And the “yes” part isn’t a bad thing.

In ReferenceEdge the vast majority of customer reference requests are managed through the Peer2Peer process, which eliminates the need for a “concierge” who would do the foot work to find relevant references, gain their participation and report back to the requester. However, there are occasions when a user cannot find a matching reference in the ReferenceEdge database. Perhaps it’s too granular a request. This is a perfect use of AdvocateHub. Publish a challenge to efficiently find that “needle in a haystack” customer reference. Here is an overlap that’s actually a good thing.

ReferenceEdge acts as a database for very detailed reference profile information, and a repository (based on Salesforce CRM) for customer content. ReferenceEdge automates search, request management, lead generation and data maintenance. In these ways the two solutions are quite different.

What exactly does the integration do?
  • If points are being awarded to customers for challenges, and points are issued in ReferenceEdge for completed reference activities, the integration ensures the a) activities and b) associated points are accurately reflected in both applications.
  • Even points earned in AdvocateHub for non-reference activities are recorded in ReferenceEdge.
  • Points redeemed in either solution are recorded in both systems.
  • This is important for program reporting, but also because members of AdvocateHub can check their points balance so that total should be comprehensive.
  • When an advocate joins AdvocateHub a nomination is created in ReferenceEdge, displayed in the Reference Workspace.
  • When a contact is tagged as a Reference Program Member in ReferenceEdge, a Nominee record is created in AdvocateHub.
How does the integration work?

To learn more about preparing for the integration, time and effort required and cost bring this topic up on the next call with your Point of Reference account director. This integration is a great way to amplify the value you get from each solution independently.