Had enough of customer marketing program management by spreadsheets yet?

Customer Marketing & Reference Programs

As a Customer Marketing or Customer Reference Program Manager, you have a lot on your plate. We’re here to help with purpose-built technology, program consulting, and supplemental staffing solutions. And above all, you gain access to best practices honed since 2003.

Centralize reference data

Everything you need to know about a customer reference is stored in Salesforce, where it belongs. You know who is referenceable, for what and how, and when they’ve been used enough. Case studies, videos and press releases currently stored all around the enterprise are neatly brought together in the reference search page. If your client success or account management team is responsible for updating reference data, their job is made much easier.

Scalable using advanced automation

Scouring sales data to find customer reference leads can eat up your day—if there’s time to do it at all. The same goes for keeping reference profile information current, accurate and complete. ReferenceEdge includes advanced automation to ensure reference information is updated when needed and identifies reference candidates based on parameters you configure. Get more done and scale your success without adding staff or spending far too much time at your desk.

Be more strategic, less tactical

Our customers report a significant increase in the time they spend on developing reference relationships, acting as internal consultants helping service reference needs through the organization, and nurturing customer communities after implementing ReferenceEdge.

Quantify program impact

Tracking program use, response time, and most importantly, revenue influenced has never been easier. You’ll know in real-time through 20+ pre-built dashboard charts, and 50+ pre-built reports. And because ReferenceEdge is native to Salesforce, reports and charts are easily created, modified and shared through standard Salesforce functionality. It’s easy to quantify program impact, real-time, to busy executives. No more monthly scrambling to assemble Excel reports.

Expand bandwidth without headcount

You may need 10, 20 or 40 hours of extra bandwidth each week for a few months to help with a project, or maybe indefinitely. Count on Point of Reference to provide qualified resources on an hourly or monthly basis to give focus to activities and projects that aren’t getting done.