Meet Some of Our Customer Advocates!

Our customer advocates drive customer reference programs for some of the top technology companies.  Their programs leverage customer advocates to shorten sales cycles, increase close rates, and expand upsell opportunities.  They depend on ReferenceEdge to manage their customer advocate programs.

Here is a sample of our customers and their success stories. Also check out our AppExchange reviews.

Liv Schichtel, Customer Marketing Manager
When our sales and customer support teams realized what ReferenceEdge would actually do for them, they've become supportive. It's been easy to get executive and higher-level backing.
Lisa Kaspari
Lisa Kaspari, Reference Manager
The ease of use within Salesforce saves us valuable time and eliminates the hassle of additional logins or security. It allows us to manage our reference needs from one central location within Salesforce.
Lindsay Mann
Collaborative Solutions
Lindsay Mann, Senior Content Marketing Strategist
ReferenceEdge has streamlined our entire reference process, increased visibility for the entire sales team, and greatly lowered the amount of back and forth emails.
Ella McKown
Ella Mckown, Customer Reference Program Specialist
ReferenceEdge enables us to scale our reference program internally and grow our references externally.This tool allows our large sales force to self-serve and track their reference use case.
Daniel Palay, Manager, Global Customer Programs
ReferenceEdge was the only one that was native to Salesforce®, which was a huge benefit because Salesforce is a prominent tool for Elastic, and I didn’t have to build any conduits to move data from Salesforce into the system or retrain people on a different interface.

Danielle Hall, Senior Manager, Global Sales and Services Operations
The peer-to-peer functionality enables account executives to quickly resolve easier requests and allows me to concentrate on reference situations where a sales representative requires assistance. Today, 66% of our reference requests are peer-to-peer.

NICE inContact
NICE inContact
Alyse Chiariello, Director, Customer Marketing
ReferenceEdge allowed us to build an advocacy program, and do more than just fulfilling reference requests. The integration with Salesforce is fabulous and helps us control how often a reference is used and how they are used.

Wendi Wolfgram
A10 Networks
Wendi Wolfgram, Senior Customer Advocacy Manager
ReferenceEdge being a native app within Salesforce is a must. Without it being part of Salesforce, the management isn't the same. I think that's huge. Being able to search for references and content by meaningful attributes is so helpful across the organization.