Had enough of never knowing who your customer advocates are and how they can be leveraged?

Solutions for Marketing Leaders

As a Marketing Leader you’ve seen the increasing importance of having a strong customer marketing program. This goes hand-in-hand with your content strategy, which has a myriad of opportunities to leverage customer success stories and videos. We’re here to help with purpose-built technology, program consulting, and supplemental staffing solutions. And above all, you gain access to best practices honed since 2003.

Boost Revenue with Peer Influence

Every industry analyst from Sirius Decisions to Forrester has uncovered the same trend: Prospective B2B customers rely most on peers when making a purchase decision. Furthermore, prospects are doing more research before engaging your salespeople. ReferenceEdge acts as your primary source of customer reference intelligence so your lead gen, social media and PR resources have what they need to drive buyers to the sales team.

boost revenue

Quantify Marketing’s Impact on Revenue

“Prove it!” That’s the mantra in the C-Suite, and rightfully so. Our technology connects the use of customer reference assets, people and content, to opportunities and related revenue. Through a variety of reports and dashboard charts, which can be shared as needed with different audiences, impact is quantified in real-time. “What has marketing done for us lately?” is answered in a few clicks.

Build Credibility & Trust for Sales

Sales defense mechanisms will always be a challenge for salespeople. Buyers will always have skepticism. But when the buyer’s peers validate a solution’s effectiveness and the results your sales team touts, the defenses comes down. Today’s content strategy calls for a healthy dose of peer perspective. Win rates are dramatically improved when customers tell your story and sales is able to act as a trusted advisor.


Expand Bandwidth without Headcount

Getting a customer reference marketing program off the ground often requires more hours than your team has to give. You may need 10, 20 or 40 hours of extra bandwidth each week for a few months to help with a project, or maybe to support the program indefinitely. Point of Reference offers qualified resources on an hourly or monthly basis to give focus to activities and projects that wouldn’t otherwise get done.