Webinar: How to Build Your Case for a Customer Reference Program

Lately I’ve been having a lot of conversations with marketing and sales ops people who are trying to convince their leadership that now is the time for a formal customer reference program.

We have recommendations and resources, but learning from peers who have been successful building and presenting the case is the Holy Grail—as we in the reference world know.

To that end We’ve invited 4 reference managers to share their best practices. They are:

– Ian Griffin / MarkMonitor (Thomson Reuters)
– Amanda Katona / DDN
– Jermone Noll / Atlas Computing
– Daniel Palay / Elastic

They’ll be panelists on a 30-minute call on Thursday, October 29th at 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET.

This is a great opportunity. We hope you can join us—and we’re rooting for you!

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