Whether you’re lobbying for a customer reference program, or already have the green light to start building one, this 45-minute webcast replay is brimming with pragmatic advice and insights. Industry experts weigh in on what everyone should know about setting up a customer reference program for success—while avoiding common pitfalls.

Fundamental topics explored
  • Positioning the program
  • Securing and leveraging executive support
  • Program leadership roles and skills
  • Building your database
  • User adoption
  • Program measurement

David Sroka

David co-founded Point of Reference in 2003 in response to frustrations he’d experienced and observed around the customer reference process. He has been on all sides of the customer reference equation during his 20+ years in technology solutions such as marketing analytics, marketing fulfillment, and automated customer care. His roles have included productivity training, sales & sales management, pre-sales consulting, and professional services management.

Alyse Chiariello

Alyse is responsible for all things customer – customer marketing, customer conference, and customer reference program. She has over 15 years’ experience in all types of marketing from media, advertising and campaign development to event and customer references. Developing and growing customer reference programs is a personal favorite of her’s. Alyse has successfully built from scratch 2 reference programs for enterprise companies.

Lisa Nakano

Lisa leads the Customer Engagement Strategies research and advisory service. She is a customer experience thought leader with more than 20 years of experience working in global organizations, with an emphasis on the high-tech software, hardware, and telecommunications. Lisa previously served as director for global customer experience at Equinix, director for global customer experience, loyalty and insights at Polycom, and principal of Listen Program Management, a consulting firm.