Point of Reference announces the availability of Customer Advocate Community for ReferenceEdge℠

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DENVER, CO (PRWEB) July 7, 2015 – Point of Reference today announced the availability of Customer Advocate Community for ReferenceEdge℠, the only native customer reference application for Salesforce®. This new functionality enables companies to connect with and cultivate customer advocates quickly and easily. This new community capability is offered as an optional add-on for ReferenceEdge customers.

Customer Advocate Community is specifically designed to address the requirements of reference programs. The application allows program managers to post reference opportunities as well as news and information pertinent to advocates participating in the reference program. Community members can update their profile, view activity history and rewards, post questions and respond to reference opportunities such as media interviews and speaking engagements. “This is a great way to add identity to a program, engage more customers in reference activities, and add another avenue for fulfilling reference needs across the enterprise,” said David Sroka, President of Point of Reference.

Because both solutions are built on Salesforce, there is only one set of data leveraged by the Customer Advocate Community and ReferenceEdge. “Organizations need to maximize their customer reference assets while providing value in turn to those customers,” said Sroka. “We now offer an even broader array of methods for finding and employing a company’s best customer stories at many points throughout the sales cycle, including pre-sales marketing activities.” Point of Reference is transforming the way customer reference management is done by automating time-consuming and repetitious aspects of the customer reference process. Community is another example of streamlining and automating processes that benefit reference customers as well as both marketing and sales staff.

About Point of Reference®

Since 2003, Point of Reference has been helping companies leverage customer advocates to fuel business growth and fortify brands. With complete perspective and proven execution, we integrate scalable technology, content, and supplemental staffing solutions that organize and optimize authentic customer voices. By combining decades of industry expertise along with business-to-business customer reference management solutions, Point of Reference helps its clients orchestrate coordinated reference activities, inject relevant customer references and related content at the critical time in a sales cycle. For more information, visit https://www.point-of-reference.com.


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