Getting your Customer Advocate Program Unstuck! eBook

If you’re in charge of a customer advocate or customer marketing program and it doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere, that it doesn’t get the respect it should, we have a good idea why.

Many advocate programs begin and evolve organically—that is, without a real strategy or alignment to top company goals. The result is a low-level function, not a program. A strategic program contributes directly to top company growth goals, and those contributions are measurable and indisputable.

So much of the answer is time. Program managers tend to spend too much time on tactical activities, through no fault of their own necessarily.

It’s essential to demonstrate that your program helps your CxO stakeholders reach their goals. To do that you need time to be proactive and plan, and that requires that you find ways to handle tactical, low-value activities differently.

In our eBook we’ll compare and contrast low-impact/stuck functions with high-impact/unstuck programs, and describe in pragmatic terms how to get unstuck.

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We’ve got loads of additional program expertise neatly wrapped with a bow on our Resources page.

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