Customer Reference Program Maturity Model Podcast – Element 4: Field Relationship

In this podcast, the fifth in the Customer Reference Program Maturity Model series, David and I discuss how the relationship with the Sales team impacts CRP success. Ultimately, if Sales isn’t using the reference program assets and systems, what’s the point? If you want to know how to find nirvana with the Sales team check out this podcast.

If you’re interested in finding out where your program is on the maturity model curve and how you compare to others in the industry, we invite you to take this Customer Reference Program Maturity online assessment. If you’d like to learn how one company deployed some of these metrics to show the executives the positive impact their program was having on sales productivity read this white paper.

Next week we will be reviewing the fifth element of the Maturity Model, Content Strategy.

We’d appreciate any comments or insights.

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CRP Maturity Model - Element 4: Field Relationship

CRP Maturity Model - Element 4: Field Relationship

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