In this podcast, number eleven in our Customer Reference Program Maturity Model series, David and I talk about what’s needed to promote the launch of a program, and to sustain it over the long haul. Many programs take far too long to build momentum and ironically it’s most often related to not following the same proven rules marketers have developed for external promotions; with a pinch of understanding of how salespeople work/think. We know all about that firsthand.

If you’re interested in finding out where your program is on the maturity model curve and how you compare to others in the industry, we invite you to take this Customer Reference Program Maturity online assessment. If you’d like to learn how one company deployed some of these metrics to show the executives the positive impact their program was having on sales productivity read this white paper.

Next week we’ll cover the eleventh and final element of the Maturity Model: Horizontal Integration.

As always, your comments and insights are welcome.

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CRP Maturity Model – Element 10: Program Promotion

CRP Maturity Model – Element 10: Program Promotion

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