Content Marketing: What Really Matters? Part II

This is a continuation of the Content Marketing:  What Really Matters? post.

How do we, as customer reference professionals take advantage of the findings from the Eccolo Media survey regarding content marketing?

  1. Understand that the value and importance of high quality, detailed information on existing customers trumps blogs, tweets and a lot of other messaging
  2. Identify customer advocates whose stories will cover the breadth and depth of your product and industry solutions
  3. Establish and curate a reference library that is easily searchable so that Sales can find relevant customer references
  4. Educate your sales teams on how to use your collateral assets and customer reference resources effectively throughout the sales cycle

In every stage, but particularly in the middle and end of the sales cycle, prospects want your customer references in the form of case studies/success stories, video testimonials and webinar presenters, as well as being able to actually speak with a customer or go on a site visit.

With a solid customer reference management application to store and curate customer information, customer reference managers can intelligently develop a breath of materials as well as identify new opportunities for customers to expand the types of references materials in which they will participate.

Developing customer-based content furnishes sales people with essential tools to influence purchasing decisions and reduces the demands on your customer advocates for one-one conversations. Identifying case study and testimonial candidates is the first step. Creating the content is the second. But these gems are of little value if your sales people can’t quickly find the needed resources. Today, those collateral assets should be part of a customer reference application, easily searchable, and enabling sale reps to create a customized microsite for each prospect. A curated library of reference assets helps ensure each prospect receives the most valuable and relevant content at the right point in the sales cycle.

By developing quality customer reference materials and making them easily available, you can maximize the value of your advocates and streamline your sales decision process.