Why Customer Marketers Should Care About Numbers

Marketing, as a whole, is more focused on measurement than ever…
customer advocate program

Customer Advocate Program Measurement

"How do your customers measure customer advocate program impact?" We…

Transforming Customer Reference Chaos into Strategic Asset

Many years ago a client, a top five strategic consulting firm,…

Overcoming the Top 4 Reasons Customer Reference Programs Fail – Inadequate Technology

This post addresses the fourth most common reasons customer reference programs fail: technology, or more specifically, a lack of technology. But a tool can only be as successful as the data stored within. These are our thoughts on why both are very important considerations.

Customer Reference Program value – A metric that will resonate with executives

There are a number of ways to show the value of a customer reference program. The options for proving strategic value to the organization are more difficult. Here's an approach formulated by SAP using Net Promoter scores that's quite brilliant.