Overcoming the Top 4 Reasons Customer Advcoate Programs Fail – Program Leadership

The individual chosen to lead a customer reference program often determines the program's potential. Do they align with company goals? Do they have social IQ and EQ? Do they understand data? Here you'll find a list of the most important traits of an effective reference manager.
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Building Your Customer Advocate Army

A customer advocate program (CAP) is nothing without a list of…
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The Time is Now for the Customer Advocate Consultant

First off, no, I’m not pitching a service. Rather, I’m predicting…

Leadership's Role in Customer Advocacy

Senior Executives throughout an organization need to invest in the customer advocate-centric approach that puts the customer and customer results at the heart of their enterprise. Today’s nimble organizations foster an active, cross-functional interchange of information. Marketing fills the funnel and Sales empties it.

Transforming Customer Reference Chaos into Strategic Asset

Many years ago a client, a top five strategic consulting firm,…
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Tips for Launching a Customer Advocate Program

One of the biggest hurdles in launching a customer advocate program…
Customer Reference Management Software

To Build or Buy? Customer Reference Management Software

It's a cyclical question in our domain. Does it make more sense…
Budget for a Customer Advocate Program

Capturing and Keeping CxO Engagement for Customer Advocate Success

CxO engagement in your customer advocate program (CAP) is the…
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