Customer advocate program launch

7 Tips for Launching a Customer Advocate Program

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How to Reward for Customer Advocate Program Success

The topic of rewarding customers for being references has always…
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Produce Reference Customer Content That Stakeholders *Need*

If you’re in the customer advocate practitioner community you…
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Engaging Salespeople in Customer Advocate Programs

Sometimes salespeople act like Greta Garbo―they just want to…
Customer Advocates

Mining for Customer Advocates

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Advisory Boards for Customer Reference Programs

Advisory boards are essential for customer reference programs.…
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User Adoption of Customer Advocate Programs

Customer Advocate Program adoption by a company's sales and…

Overcoming the Top 4 Reasons Customer Advocate Programs Fail – Program Leadership

The individual chosen to lead a customer reference program often determines the program's potential. Do they align with company goals? Do they have social IQ and EQ? Do they understand data? Here you'll find a list of the most important traits of an effective reference manager.
customer advocacy program

Building Your Customer Advocate Army

A customer advocate program (CAP) is nothing without a list of…
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The Time is Now for the Customer Advocate Consultant

First off, no, I’m not pitching a service. Rather, I’m predicting…