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Customer Content is Only Powerful if it Can be Found

There are so many ways to tell your company’s story through your customers. And the stories are out there along with customers willing to tell them in one form or another. But companies continue to struggle when it comes to getting those captured stories—customer content—into buyers’ hands. The Case for Customer Content According to a […]

9 Tips for Selecting Your Customer Advocate Management Software

Recently there was an excellent post on MarketingProfs outlining key considerations in selecting marketing technology.  The “Nine Critical Issues to Consider Before You Buy Marketing Software” had a lot of applicability to selecting customer advocate management software specifically. Here are 9 technology agnostic “DO“s specific to our customer advocate domain: 1) Know All Your Pain Points At […]

Why Customers Choose to be Customer References

Why do customers choose to be a customer reference? This is a question that should be answered early in the life cycle of a customer reference program because it drives one of the most fundamental functions: attracting members. It’s never too late to assess your environment if this question wasn’t answered earlier, or if the dynamics […]

4 Essential Skills for Customer Marketers

Marketing draws people with an essential combination of creativity and relationship building skills, but the demands of marketing program manager roles are changing. While those skills are still important, they need to be matched by proficiency with technology and data analytics, and a big picture perspective. As the B2B marketing function continues to evolve the […]

The Time is Now for the Customer Advocate Consultant

First off, no, I’m not pitching a service. Rather, I’m predicting a new role in corporate America marketing. There is a need for a more cohesive approach to customer advocate marketing, customer reference marketing, customer marketing or whatever your company calls it. It’s being done today in pockets of your organization. It’s not a coordinated […]

Customer Advocate Program Workflow Killers

All business operations have potential snags and customer advocate programs are no exception. We have spent a decade and a half analyzing methods, designing systems, and helping streamline customer reference management processes to ensure client success. The people who need those references, salespeople predominantly, are resourceful and independent. When a program or project is working well, […]